years of combined experience in the industry

At JOS, we believe in the bettering of oneself for the betterment of the community, society, and world at large. By embedding a growth mindset within our employees, we steer the future of JOS into one that is constantly evolving and growing with its people. 


JOS and Sunon’s partnership in Singapore advocates for collaboration, mutually benefical outcomes for businesses, and harmony between man and nature. When cross-border and cross-industry communications line up, dots connect into patterns. Enterprise go from isolation to unity, organising and sharing resources together, and leverage each other’s strength to open infinite possibilities.

JOS & Sunon undertake this historical mission and social responsibility with stride, braveing this vast ocean wit a strong will and determination.

As the sun eternally rises, let life last forever, and let love rejuvenate each other!

“There is an immense positive network impact on the environment, people, society, and business when we connect these 4 points effectively.”

Ms Zhou Haiyan, Co-founder

Our People

When it comes to our people, we have a strong belief in a company of culture of being inclusive and passionate. Cultivating a foundation results in continuously creating value for the self which extends to the team, to our clients, as well as our consumers.

Often, we find ourselves going the extra mile for our clients, because we believe treating clients with sincerity and excellence is the best way to grow our business. Likewise, we believe in investing in our workers and employees with rich experience, and in turn they will enhance the business and shape it towards a road of growth.

Our Commitment

JOS is part of J.O.E. Eco Alliance, a non-profit organisation, founded with a simple vision to restore clean air and fresh water to the environment, for us and for our future generations to live and to prosper.