Smart Office

The digital workstation will overturn the human-facility interaction in the office space. UP7, with intelligent sensing technology and LoRa-based data transmission technology, empowers the aesthetics of space, the health of employees, and the efficiency of administration management.

JOS Smart Office Furniture - 1

Management data all on the screen

Through LoRa IOT technology, digital workplaces are connected to the backstage, and multi-dimensional data analysis makes asset evaluation and logistics management easy for enterprises. Within one screen, you can see the workstation utilization situation at a glance, thus realizing the simultaneous optimization of operation and maintenance costs, space utilization efficiency and employee health management.

Vecos Lockers

Smart lockers are trending in office spaces for good reason. Not only do they create a more organized work environment, but they also help to improve efficiency and boost productivity. 

Companies can set up smart lockers with customized user access settings, allowing them to limit what information is shared with each user and helping to prevent compromising leaks.

The benefits of smart lockers don’t just end there though – by creating a digital record of who used the smart locker and when, organisations eliminate guesswork when it comes to tracking down assets.