J.O.E Environmental Protection Alliance

September 23, 2022

As part of J.O.E Environmental Protection Alliance, JOS Furnitures recently participated in CDAC’s 30th anniversary, graced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Ong Ye Kung, Chairman of CDAC.

As key partners of CDAC, during the open house event, we reemphasized the concept of environmental protection to the public and taught hand-woven eco-bag making. We look forward to more opportunities to promote sustainability.

Creative ideas to promote upcycling: as part of J.O.E. Eco Alliance, recently JOS Furnitures shared with the public about making hand-woven eco bags.

These bags upcycle materials and waste contains which are readily accessible into purposeful items. These small changes challenge the way we look at waste, driving momentum for more change.